An interesting take on the constitution by somebody who spent 40 years studying it.

My take? Like any ancient text it is a great foundation but it has to be interpreted in the context of changing conditions that could never possibly have been envisioned by the writers. I don’t see any problem keeping it and following it. Like all such ancient texts, however, it is too often twisted in ridiculous ways in an attempt to justify peoples own personal form of hate, bigotry, and stupidity.


I had this forwarded to me today and thought it worth sharing.  Apologies for already breaking the rule about using the words democrat and republican but they are at least used in completely neutral terms.  I don’t agree with everything he said (see my comments at the bottom) but it is definitely worth a read.

I’ve said a thousand times the most important thing we need in our political system is a “None of the above” option on every ballot.
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